Meet Orthopedic Surgeon Andrea Halim, MD, BA

– I do things like hand
and wrist fractures, arthritis of the hand,
nerve compression issues. I think with any injury or
problem with your health that develops, you don’t
notice what you’re missing until you do have a problem. The hand is a very complicated organ. For everyone, having good full use of their hands is incredibly important. If you have one relatively minor injury, it can really throw off the whole hand. The most common things that I see are carpal tunnel and trigger finger. Carpal tunnel is nerve compression and people can get nerve compression from all kinds of things. Diabetes, hypothyroidism,
overuse, pregnancy, lots of things can bring
on carpal tunnel syndrome. And, these days, we do those procedures typically under local
anesthesia so patients can eat breakfast, drive
themselves home from surgery. I tell most patients who are
anxious about getting the procedure that it’s easier
than having a tooth pulled. The best part of my job
is definitely when I hear from patients about how well they’re doing after I’m done with the
whole course of treatments.

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