Meet Ohio State Urologist Cheryl Lee, MD

I’m Cheryl Lee. I’m a urologist specializing in bladder cancer
at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. My clinic is located in the James Cancer Hospital. One might ask why do people become interested
in medicine? Like many physicians, I went to medical school
and became a doctor because I want to help people. Urology is a wonderful field. You are able to treat babies, women, men,
adolescents and you’re really dealing with issues that are very sensitive for people. Many people don’t want to talk about their
urinary health, their sexual health, cancers of the of the urinary tract. As urologists, we deal with all those areas
that are very important to people’s lives. When I initially see patients, the first thing
I want them to know is I care about them. I care about their problems, I care about
their disease state, I care about their family. Part of what we do as physicians is not only
treat the disease, but treat the whole patient. We talk not only about their bladder cancer,
but also about their goals for themselves and for their family. And these are important issues when someone’s
facing a life threatening problem. When patients see me in the office, they are
often terrified. They’re upset, they’ve had recent conversations
with their primary urologist about their cancer. They may not have all the information they
need. Part of where I gained some of my satisfaction
is helping people through this process. Understanding the disease, understanding their
options, feeling informed and then knowing that if we’re moving forward with major surgery,
they have a surgeon who has been working in this area for over fifteen years. They have a surgeon in this area who offers
compassion to patients. And they have a surgeon that’s focused on
the whole patient and their family.

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