Meet Ohio State OB/GYN Katherine Strafford, MD

I’m Katherine Strafford. I am an OB/GYN as
a member of the general division at the Wexner Medical Center. I think most of us that go
into OB/GYN are attracted by the great variety. We get to work with really wonderful patients
and we get to see them through really exciting times of their life but also sometimes some
tough times. There is a blend of procedures that we do, surgeries as well as just office
care and primary care so we really get to know our patients well. And it’s it’s a specialty
that really tends to attract people mostly because of the variety. My father’s also an
OB/GYN and when I there was certainly a lot I saw a lot of it growing up. I think I came
to it from a little different perspective than many people. In fact when I went to medical
school I swore I would do anything but OB/GYN. But then when I was doing my third year rotations
I just fell in love with it and I found that as I went on and did other areas of medicine
I just kept thinking back to with my female patients. You know, what was their obstetrical
history like? What were I would ask about their menstrual history on rotations when
other people were going, why why are you asking that question? And so then I knew that that’s
where I was destined to go. Because I’m a general OB/GYN that means that I take care
of surgical needs that are noncancerous that are related to the female reproductive system
so ovaries, uterus, cervix, as I said except when people have cancer and then they would
go to see an oncologist. Also any surgeries that are related to the delivery of a baby
such as a cesarean section. And so those are the areas in which I would be performing procedures
as there are a number of office based procedures which also come my way, which are largely
related to contraceptive needs so placing contraceptive devices either in the uterus
or in in the arm. And as far as areas that we get a lot of questions about, certainly
as an OB/GYN we get a lot of questions about hysterectomies and about other more minor
procedures such as uterine ablations that can impact a woman’s menstrual cycle. A patient
can expect that I will listen to what they have to say and that I will do my utmost to
tailor things in whatever manner they are most concerned about. We’re there to decide
what is the most important thing to address for them at that time and are there other
issues that maybe can wait a little while and basically just address what it is that
they need from me at that time. The most rewarding thing about what I do is helping people through
frustrating and difficult situations. And sometimes it’s through joyous situations such
as birth events, which of course is probably the best part of any OB/GYN’s job. But mostly
I think one of the things that really drew me to this specialty is that it’s a bit of
a challenge. There are a lot of people that do not embrace the gynecologic system because
there’s a good deal of fear or just trepidation about I don’t want to go down there and so
it’s a it’s very nice to be able to help someone normalize that part of their life and help
them through something that might they might have been afraid to talk to people about.

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