Meet Nicole Crowder, FNP-C – LewisGale Medical Center

– My name is Nicole Crowder,
I’m a nurse practitioner here at LewisGale, I work in
the Endocrinology practice with Dr. Rasul. I came to LewisGale in
August from Carilion, I was an emergency nurse for
eight years with Carilion prior to that. My background includes
pretty much exclusively emergency nursing with some
pediatric inpatient care and some home health. I’ve started nursing in
2008 after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree
from Radford University and then a few years into being a nurse and wanting to expand
my career I went back for my Master’s in my nurse practitioner through South University
in Savannah, Georgia. I finished that last year and started with LewisGale in August. Dr. Rasul and I specialize
in Endocrinology and that involves
hormonal issues, diabetes, thyroid conditions, adrenal conditions. We do a lot of osteoporosis management, we also do some weight management as well. In the Endocrinology practice our primary conditions that we focus on are diabetes and thyroid conditions,
that can range from type one to type two diabetes. We treat exclusively adults,
we do not do pediatric patients and then thyroid conditions
can include hypo-thyroidism, hyper-thyroidism, and Graves disease, and we collaborate with ENT
when folks need thyroid removal and issues that occur
with their thyroid gland. So those are two primary
things that we focus on, but we do a lot of other conditions within the Endocrinology practice as well. What I love about working
for LewisGale Medical Center is the opportunity to use
advanced pharmaco-therapeutic measures to help with diseases
and help with conditions. I love the fact that I have
independence and autonomy as a nurse practitioner to be able to use the advanced training
that I have to take care of my patients, and with my
philosophy it’s a well rounded approach of lifestyle
modifications, medications, encouragement, monitoring. I work very diligently with my
nurses in contacting patients on a regular basis to make
sure that they’re getting their labs done, that they’re
doing the things at home, self-care behaviors that need to be done when they’re not seeing
me for routine follow-ups, and LewisGale allows me the opportunity to be able to have that close
relationship with my patients to perform those things.

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