Meet Nick Lynn, PA-C at Jones Regional Medical Center

hi I’m Nick Lynn I’m a family medicine
PA at UnityPoint Health, My specialty is family medicine I chose a
specialty because of the wide range of patients one minute I’ll be seeing a
newborn and then 10 minutes later I could
be seeing a nine year old and managing their care. Not only do I like the large
variety of ages but I also like large variety and diseases that I can help
treat. Every day is different and I really enjoy that I chose to get into
health care because when I was four years old I was diagnosed with aplastic
anemia I spent a large amount of my childhood going to doctor visits and
hospital stays. I was eventually cured at age ten and I
feel it was that experience that drove me to enter the healthcare field and
give back and be able to provide patients with exceptional healthcare
that I received when I was younger the most rewarding part of my job would be
that I get to wake up every morning and go to work
and make a difference in someone’s life whether it’s treating a little stomach
bug or managing more chronic diseases like COPD or heart failure I’m a vehicle
of getting the patient back on track to their health and getting them back to
doing the things they love to do and I find that very satisfying my care
philosophy is that I don’t want to be a coach for the patient’s health care I
want to be their teammate and helping them reach their healthcare goals I want
patients to know that I practice medicine with a lot of empathy because
I’ve been there especially we’re dealing with the pediatric population I always
try to keep my past experiences in the back of my mind so I can be aware of
what they’re going through which allows me to provide them the most comfortable
visit possible the best part of my day is when I get to see a patient come in
for a follow-up after I’ve seen with a few weeks prior and they were just
really sick it’s really rewarding seeing the patient come in and they’re doing
much better and back to a hundred percent and knowing that I had a part in
getting them back to feeling thie in my free time I’m a huge sports
junkie when I’m not playing sports or fun I love watching it on TV especially
when it’s my Oakland Raiders or OKC Thunder I’m also a drummer so whenever I
have free time I like to get together with my friends and jam out and play all
the rock classics I’m Nick and I’m a PA. Know how much you matter to this world at UnityPoint Health

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