Meet Michael Langan, MD | General Internist at OSU Wexner Medical Center

Michael Langan, general internal medicine
at CarePoint East. I went into a career in medicine mainly because there was a lot of
medical issues that surrounded my family growing up. So I was pretty taken aback by how powerful
medicine can be and how much of an impact it can have on somebody’s life. And also myself,
as a child, had several medical issues. And just kind of seeing what doctors were able
to do for me and and my family, just beyond, you know, prescriptions and, you know, ordering
tests, how they were able to sort of comfort myself as well as my family in challenging
times. I I was really fascinated with that, that ability to do that and and I always knew
that that was something that that I wanted to to be a part of. I chose general internal
medicine because it encompasses just about everything in medicine and so it doesn’t limit
you to one focal area. It allows you to experience several different aspects of medicine and
allows good longitudinal care where you can develop relationships with patients and even
with families over time, which was really really important and one of the key things
for me in in going into medicine. My philosophy on medicine is is actually very simple. I
think it’s my job to act as spokes person and as an educator for my patients. And so
I try to educate my patients on their medicines, their medical problems and help come to a
decision as to what the best care plan is for them individually based on what their
preferences are, what their beliefs are, what their values are and try and individualize
a plan for each individual patient. I just don’t believe in, you know, telling somebody
this is what I want you to do, this is what you’re going to do. I think it’s a discussion
that we need to have with with our patients that we can have a a plan that we both agree
with, that is, you know, conducive to their lifestyle and and their their preferences
and so I think that helps adherence and I think that helps build our relationship as
well. And so that’s I try to abide by that every every day and with every patient that
I see. The most rewarding part of my work without question is the ‘thank you’s that
I get from patients and the relationships that I’ve developed with patients. It seems
like over time I’ve really grown in my practice with my patients and almost feel as if many
of them are family members or friends that I’m taking care of. And really I really, you
know, enjoy those relationships and that really helps me get out of bed and and look forward
to coming to work every day.

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