Meet Michael A. Smith, MD: Primary Care Physician

I decided pretty early on in medical
school that I was going to be an internist mostly because I enjoy all the
specialties of internal medicine cardiology gastroenterology had a lot of
interest in different specialties but when it came down to it I really wanted
to stay a generalist so I could do all those things and take comprehensive care
of my patients there’s no other relationship like it I am confidant I’m
trusted family member these are very unusual relationships to have this day
and age and so I mean I feel honored to be trusted with that kind of well that
kind of faith in me and so um yeah I think it’s very special I think I’m very
blessed to have this job the most satisfying part of my job is getting
together a game plan and feeling like I’m really partnered with patients like
we know what’s going on we know what’s in front of us
we know what we’ve dealt with and we’re going to move forward together to get
these things taken care of hopefully then there’s kind of a finish
line where I kind of release you a bit so that you can go enjoy the fact that
you work really hard my philosophy in caring for patients is to remain very
patient centered that means that we continue to treat people as individuals
we will talk when we see each other about what the general consensus is what
expert opinion is what the population studies show but ultimately it’s your
decision what to be done and we’re going to treat you like an individual I think
that’s where health care continues to remain a special profession in our world

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