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My name is Matthew Abendroth. I’m a family physician at the Urbandale location of UnityPoint. I grew up in Urbandale, went away to college at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington Returned to Des Moines to go to medical school at Des Moines University And then did my residency at Lutheran Hospital here in Des Moines. I see patients of all ages for a variety of conditions ranging from acute to chronic illnesses. I like the continuity of care and family medicine and also the variety I didn’t want to have just one thing that I would specialize in. I am interested in all parts of medicine. What I like about UnityPoint and what sets it apart is that we have a great network of specialists that we can work with and a wide number of hospitals all over the state and the region. I’m open and non-judgmental, and one of my areas of interest is serving the LGBT community of the central Iowa region. I like to ride my bicycle. I usually ride it to work. I am interested in photography and like to take a lot of pictures especially of my kids. Most rewarding thing is probably the continuity of care and solving clinical puzzles.

3 thoughts on “Meet Matthew Abendroth, DO | UnityPoint Clinic® Family Medicine | Urgent Care – Urbandale

  1. Dr Abendroth is an excellent doctor who not only is very compassionate, but also retains an unbelievable amount of information. My sons medical history contains in excess of 5,000 records, and he remembers important details no other doctor retains. Not only is he personally connected to his patients, but he also is extremely interested in new information and does not have the "I am the doctor, I am God complex" I have unfortunately witnessed on some occasions within the over 135 doctors my son has seen. I highly recommend this doctor, especially if you want a good long term family doctor you can rely on.

  2. Dr. Abendroth is a young physician with a lot of knowledge and but also realizes he has more to learn. I have found he is very willing to listen and works to get the best treatment for me he can, either through his care or referral to some specialized treatment or another specialized doctor. As a retired individual I have had the opportunity to be treated buy a number of civilian and military doctors and I would put him toward the top of family physicians who care personally about the patient and will take time to listen to patient concerns. I would truly recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated family doctor. Jerry

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