Meet Mark Tornero, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Hi, this is Dr. Mark Tornero. I’m a physical
medicine and rehabilitation physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.
Early on my interest in medicine just kind of seeing some of my older family members
having some illnesses come about and kind of just tagging along with them to some doctors
visits kind of peaked my early interest on in the field of medicine. My interest in physical
medicine and rehabilitation started towards my third and fourth year in medical school
when I was able to get some more exposure to some of the specialists working with some
of relatives who had some strokes and some functional deficits. My patient care philosophy
is that each patient is unique. And usually the first visit I’ll try to get an idea of
what their goals are and what their expectations are cause ultimately I’m trying to get my
practice and my care to best meet each individual patient’s needs. The most rewarding aspect
of my job is being able to first meet the patient and kind of see where they’re at day
one and then after going through some rehab services or some of our medical management,
seeing them at a later point in time and then really getting to see the difference that
we were able to make in their in their health.

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