Meet Marcus Hemesath, DO | UnityPoint Clinic® OB/GYN – Ankeny

My name is Marcus Hemesath. I’m an OB/GYN at UnityPoint clinic in Ankeny. I care for women through Their entire span of life, from the time that they’re teenagers needing well care checkups, all the way through their reproductive years where they’re having babies and building their family, deliver their babies and care for them in the postpartum period. And then care for women as they age and go through all of the changes associated with aging. I grew up on a farm outside of a small town in Eastern Iowa called Norway. From there, I did my undergraduate college at Wartburg College and medical school in Des Moines University. I spent the last four years in residency in St. Louis, Missouri. My favorite moments are when I get to deliver a baby, and present that baby to a mother and father. What makes unitypoint clinic unique is it really strives for excellence. Doing things to make sure that our patients are happy and feel like they’re getting the care that they deserve. when i’m not working I’m generally spending time with, my wife and my son being able to spend time with, my family watch, my son grow Is the most important thing to me, my wife and i are big sports fans watching games and going to games when, when possible i enjoy, building relationships with, my patients and i Encourage, my patients to try to get to know, me and up

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