Meet Kristy, one of Kendall Regional Medical Center’s great Volunteers

– My name is Kristy Mulet. I’ve been a volunteer at
Kendall Regional Medical Center for about four years. Volunteering at Kendall
Regional is very inviting, very welcome, they make
the process very smooth. Whatever your age range, they
have a job for you to do. You can do anything from
answering call lights to answering the phone, leaving a message for doctors or nurses. We do also transfer
patients in wheelchairs. We send out mail. Almost all departments
are open for volunteers. Something as simple as
getting water for a patient, you see that they
genuinely appreciate that. When you’re walking around a patient, or you’re transferring them from the floor to the discharge lounge, you usually get that
interaction with the patient. You really do feel involved
and enveloped in your community because you’re talking to
a fellow community member. Everyone here is so warm and friendly. Nurses and doctors and all hospital staff really do make the
patients feel more at home, and you get that sense of
feeling at home as well. You also just feel a
sense of accomplishment, ’cause every time you make
someone else feel better, in return it makes you feel better.

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