Meet Kristen Moriarty, MD | UnityPoint Clinic® Family Medicine – East Des Moines

I’m Kristen Moriarty, and I’m a family
medicine doctor at UnityPoint. I graduated from Iowa State University
with a degree in genetics, and then I went to University of Iowa and got my
medical doctor degree. So I chose family medicine because I have a broad range of
interests. I like seeing people for lots of different reasons. I think it’s really
fun to be able to see men and women and people of all ages. I think it’s really
exciting to be able to manage chronic conditions, as well as acute illness. I
like seeing patients in the hospital. I get to follow my patients during their
hospitalizations. And I like doing prenatal care, and I get to deliver my
obstetric patients, which is always fun. I want my patients to know that I like to
practice medicine on a very individualized basis. I like to talk to
patients about all the different types of treatment plans that are available,
but not only the ones that are available, but the ones that work best for them.
And so I really want to get their feedback on if this certain treatment
plan will work for them and get their input onto all those decisions. So in my
free time I like to spend time with my husband. We’re big movie buffs, and we go to a lot of movies. I like to road bike. I’ve participated in RAGBRAI ten times,
and I’ve ridden across the state of Iowa just once. So my husband and I do a lot
of traveling. We’re making it a goal to visit all 50 states, and we’ve gone to
several different countries this summer, which was a ton of fun. So I always say
that I would love to be a florist and do flower arrangements,
but I think in all honesty I probably would have done maybe teaching or
something like that. A lot of family medicine is teaching, and teaching
patients what it means to have their certain illnesses or how to treat their
illnesses. Because one thing to understand the why behind what we’re
doing, I feel like they’re a lot more likely to be on board. Something that
inspires me to be better as a physician is seeing my own family members go through
getting their own medical care. Whenever you kind of look at a patient
as, “how would I want my mom or sister or brother to be treated?”, I feel like that
really inspires you to learn more and to do better and be the best you can every
day for them.

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