Meet Kiley Ottervanger, DO | UnityPoint Clinic® Adolescent Medicine, Pediatrics – Lakeview

My name is Kylie Ottervanger and I’m a
pediatrician at UnityPoint Clinics at Lakeview. As a child I always wanted
to be a pediatrician and that dream stuck with me. I considered lots of
different fields when I was going through Medical School, but I always came
back to pediatrics. I think it’s just what I was wired up to do, and I’m really
passionate about it. Pediatrics is a very diverse field. We do
well-child exams and see kiddos frequently when they’re in their first
couple of years of life and hopefully every year after that. We also help to
take care of kids during acute illnesses, acute injuries and also help manage more
chronic medical problems. We are really fortunate here in the Des Moines area to
have really great physicians that are staying around and helping to care for
kids, and it’s just been a wonderful organization to work for. They help
support families and provide whatever resources they can to make sure that
patients can be seen and taken care of. I love the new babies as they come
through the office and helping new parents to feel confident about being
able to take care of them and just seeing them continue to grow and see
families grow and build those relationships has been really rewarding.
If I hadn’t chosen medicine I probably would open a candy store because it’s
just so bright and full of color, and I have a secret sweet tooth and I think it
would just be fun. I love to read I usually set my alarm every morning
before anyone wakes up to get up and read. And
I love cooking for my family. So I like the variety anything from the health
field, to chip and Joanna. These are my three kids. This is Grayson, my oldest.
He’s in second grade, seven-years-old. My daughter, Hadley. She’s three. And my son
Eli who is fifteen-months-old. Unfortunately this spring our youngest
ended up being life flighted to the University of Iowa, and we spent
two weeks in the ICU there where they discovered that he had vascular
malformation that ruptured, and it was definitely the hardest time in our
family’s life but I really got to see firsthand how important it is for
parents to be an advocate for their children in the health care setting and
it’s inspired me to want to provide the same level of care that I would expect
for my children. I’m committed to doing that and even if
hard times come, I’m gonna walk alongside you through that and and just make sure
that we get kids to their fullest potential and help them blossom and grow.

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