Meet Joseph Assini, MD | OrthoONE at Swedish Medical Center

– My name is Dr. Joe Assini. I’m an orthopedic surgeon
at OrthoOne Swedish, with offices in Highlands
Ranch and in Littleton. I’m originally from
Canada, where I grew up and did my undergraduate training. I then went to medical school at the University of Sydney in Australia which was a great
experience for four years. Then, I subsequently went
back home to residency in London, Ontario where I spent five years
for orthopedic training. After that, I did subspecialty training in New York City at the
Hospital for Special Surgery, which is one of the biggest orthopedic hospitals in the country, and I really learned some
very advanced and classical techniques for dealing
with hip and knee problems. I practice mainly in
hip and knee replacement and revisions of those joints. And one of the biggest
things that we’re currently working on and one of
the passions that I have is Rapid Recovery Total
Joint Arthroplasty. What that means to patients, is getting them up and on their feet as quick as possible with minimized pain and we do that through
minimal narcotic usage and maximizing alternative
pain strategies. We also do minimally invasive surgery to minimize the soft tissue injury, which it then aids in them
getting on their feet quicker. Right now, about 30% of my patients would be discharged home the same day as their hip or knee procedure. So, this is a tremendous feat that we’re really working on at Swedish and we think it’s gonna be
a big push moving forward as we move more to outpatient joints. For me, the philosophy
of care for patients is really an individualized
treatment plan. Surgery is a great
option in many instances but may not be the only option, and I think it’s important
that you sit down with myself or the members of my team to really go through an
individual care plan. Aside from medicine, one of my favorite things is spending time outdoors with my family. I have two young daughters and my wife, and we really enjoy the past five years we’ve spent in Colorado, which we think is gonna be our
home for quite a long time. So, thanks very much for your time and hopefully I’ll be able to treat ya with those hip and knee
problems moving forward. (upbeat music)

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