Meet John Vetter, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I’m Dr. John Vetter and I work at the Ohio
State Comprehensive Spine Center and my specialty is physical medicine and rehabilitation as
well as electrodiagnostic medicine. I became interested in medicine because I liked science
and I wanted to pair that with people. I I really enjoy people. I think that’s what I
enjoy about my practice. A lot of the things that I do are very similar each day, the types
of things we recommend but the the really fun part of my job, the really thing I enjoy
the most is each person. They’re different, they’re unique, they have different life situations
and I try really hard to listen to them and try to understand where they’re coming from.
And then any treatment plan that I might come up with I try to be flexible because their
situation is different than the person I just saw before them. I try to adapt their treatment
plan to their individual and unique situation. I find most rewarding about my job is when
I can connect with people and I can help them. I really do care, I listen and I try to understand
the person’s situation, the patient situation and when we when I can connect with them and
I can get them to move along to change some of their lifestyles. So what I really enjoy
is trying to get to know the patient and over a period of time gently trying to move them
in a direction that helps their back pain but also helps their quality of life.

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