Meet John Reister, MD | OrthoONE at Swedish Medical Center

(intro music) – I’m Dr. John Reister. I specialize in orthopedic surgery. Practice location is OrthoONE, Swedish. So, my training began
undergraduate school, at Towson State University,
Baltimore, Maryland. From there I went to East
Tennessee State University, got on an army scholarship. So after my graduation
from medical school, I went into active duty army
training for, uh, 12 years. Completed my orthopedic surgery
residency at Fitzsimmons, here in Denver. Served in the army at Fort
Hood, Texas for a couple years, and then returned to Denver,
because I love Denver. My two focused areas of
orthopedic surgery are shoulder, and really everything
there is to do to shoulder, from early sports medicine and stability, all the way through shoulder replacement, and probably 60-70% of my
elected practice is the shoulder. My other major elective piece is the knee, for sports medicine of the knee, which that’s probably the other 30%, and then I still do a
little bit of trauma call here at Swedish. Broken bones, and things
like that that are still part and parcel of my
everyday work as well. I love everything about
practicing medicine. From meeting new people everyday, to being able to help
those that you get to meet, getting the satisfaction of
a satisfied, good outcome, a myriad of relationships, it just fills me, day in and
day out, with fun things to do, and fun people to meet. My philosophy of caring for somebody is, kinda starts with listening
to them in the beginning. People come in with stressful situations, they wanna tell you about it. I think listening and respecting where they’re
at with their problem is a key piece to establishing
a good relationship. I do tend to like to
bring in a bit of humor into my practice. So, there are many days
of laughter in the office, despite challenging
problems in orthopedics. And I like to be very very compassionate, because I think it helps everything. (electronic music)

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