Meet Jennifer Walker, Family Practice Nurse Practitioner at Quincy Medical Group, NP

(upbeat music) – My guiding principle in my practice is really just to treat
every patient with fairness and really just get to know
them on a personal level. I don’t want patients to
dread coming in to see me. I want them to know that
we can have conversations. I want them to just know
that this is a fun place and that paying attention
to your own medical care is not always a bad thing
or challenging issue. I think here is this
family practice setting it’s a great team. You know, our goal is to really provide access to care so if a
provider has a full schedule but they have a patient who’s in need I think they’re okay with saying, hey, you can see Jennifer Walker today or you may see one of the
other Nurse Practitioners or other providers. We just want patients to be seen and have their needs met at that time. My hope is that they say, you know what, Jennifer really cares
about me and I look forward to seeing her again.

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