Meet Janis Denning, Physician Assistant in Neurology

My name is Janis Denning. I’m a physician
assistant at The Oregon Clinic – Neurology division. So I work in general neurology and I
assist in the movement disorders clinic, the epilepsy clinic, and I also assist
our sleep medicine physician in his clinic. I like to team with our physicians
in terms of our treatment plan and also with patients and their family
so that they can reach their goals. I really enjoy neurology because it allows me to incorporate my background as an occupational therapist. When our patients improve or get better
is really really rewarding to see that, and on the other side, when patients decline or pass away, it’s also really important
for us to know that we gave them the best care. I chase after three children at home
and all of the stuff that they do. And I’m also into cycling. The seasons. I like being able to see the summer,
spring, fall, and winter. And I don’t mind the rain.

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