Meet Irma Monreal, Lead Mammographer at Verde Valley Medical Center

When a woman comes in
for a screening mammogram, they’re often very nervous. Lots of times, women don’t even wanna know what the results are,
they’re just getting it done ’cause the doctor told them to. I have the ability to
be able to relax them in ways that allows me to
capture a very good exam. I picture myself, me
being in that position, I picture my sister or my
mom or a very good friend being in that position
and when they leave here, they say, oh that wasn’t so bad, I’m gonna call and make
sure I get you next year. And just knowing that
they’re gonna come back the following year, I know
that I’ve done my job well. Keep going with it. I like to number one, garden. I have my own garden. I think it’s important
to be able to decompress because then you have your family life. I mean, you can’t bring your work home and you can’t bring your home to work. You gotta have that
line to be able to say, okay, leave it at the door, go home, do what you have to do. (water splashing) My husband and I often
go walking with my dog. His name is Jackson. He’s a rescue dog and he loves the water. He’ll go out and chasing the ball and come swimming down the river, so it’s a good getaway to be able to relax and take the dog out. And then when I come back, I’m
just a new person, refreshed. Having that downtime is very important to be able to flourish on both ends.

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