Meet Gina Schmidt, APNP, Family Medicine | Ascension Wisconsin

I’m Gina Schmidt. I’m a family nurse practitioner. Just wanting to help people, work with people
directly, really got me interested in the medical field. I liked being able to work with the whole
family not just the individual. Also, kind of the continuity of care working
with people from birth and all the way into elderly and working with the whole family
as well. I really try to put myself in my patients’
shoes in order to really better understand what they’re going through so that I can treat
them appropriately and give them the best care that I can give them. I think when people come to me, they can expect
a provider that’s really gonna listen to what they have to say in their issues and how they
want to go with their care. I really enjoy working here at this clinic. I think we’re a very innovative clinic. We think of new ways to make the process and
the experience better for our patients. We also work very closely together, so if
I have questions or the patient has questions that I may not be able to answer, I can always
go to somebody else here. Again, we can always refer out to all of our
other providers in the system. They’re all very approachable if the patient
or even myself or any of the other providers here ever have any questions or concerns with
our patients. Think what keeps me motivated is really building
that relationship with my patients, so getting to know all my patients not only on a level
of treating them but also on a personal level, and their family, and how they feel, and things
like that. I think that really keeps me motivated, and
then to keep them coming back, so being in family practice, I get to see all these patients
at least once a year. I get to know them over a period of time,
and I always look forward to seeing them again. I think that really keeps me focused and motivated
to stay in this kind of specialty as a general practitioner in family practice.

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