Meet GI Nurse Practitioner, Sophia Lichenstein-Hill

My name is Sophia Lichenstein-Hill. I’m a nurse practitioner here at The Oregon Clinic in gastroenterology. I really feel that each person is an
individual and that we should work together as a team. I really rely on
the patient to tell me what they’re feeling, how I can best help them, and we can
work together to make them feel better and to figure out what’s going on and to
treat them accordingly. Well, I somewhat fell into
gastroenterology it was my first job out of graduate school and I’ve loved it; I
would never go anywhere else. Having patients say they feel better!
Really any time that I see somebody it’s often in a time of crisis, and to see
them again in weeks or months or even years telling me that they feel good and well is very rewarding. Well, I have
a family, I have a husband and two young daughters. We really spend a lot
of time together. We are exploring Portland, going on hikes. I also like to

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