Meet Gannon – Learning to eat at Penn State Children’s Hospital

My name is Gannon. I’m gonna eat the… Eat the food.>>This is how you chew. [chewing noises] [Music]>>Okay Buddy. Let’s have a little snack. Okay? You can bring that. Jump. Good
job. Thank you. You want to hold it? All eating is a
matter of learning. Oh that’s perfect! Many kids learn it at a much earlier
age than this young man. Thank you buddy. But this is a skill that can be taught
across the course of time and our goal was to teach this young man to start
eating solid food.>>Due to him being so premature, his lungs were extremely
underdeveloped. He was born weighing what essentially a soda can would weigh which
is 13 ounces.>>Now watch me. I want you to go like this. Go…[Chop noises] Good! I want you to bite one time on this and then I will turn on your show.
Okay?>>When we finally got to the point where they said that we can remove the G-tube
>> it’s okay, I gotcha.>>I was scared>>Good job. Thank you.
>>But also joyful because it was one step closer to, hey he might be able to eat we may be able to take him out to restaurants and…>>Good job. Thank you.>>Be a
quote, unquote, normal family of all eating together at the same table. “Chew – Chew Chew – Chew – Chew” Go ahead!
>>When a child comes in here we’re looking at, alright, how can we make things better at
home? What can we do to help the parents feed their child? You have to work on
that every single day, no matter where you are
or what you’re doing.>>Chew first.>>And these are hard skills for kids to learn in
some cases. So, when they do learn them it is quite rewarding.>>Yum.>>I never would have
thought he would have been able to chew and swallow. It has been truly amazing
even for my first day going. It’s been the best. >>DONE!>> [Laughter] You’re not done! [Music]

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