Meet Frederic Kolb, MD, Plastic Surgeon

In plastic surgery I dedicated my entire
career in what we call oncoplastic surgery which means treating and taking
care of the defects that have been created after the resection of a cancer
one of the reasons why UCSD hired me was to come and reinforce the microsurgery
program that was already there microsurgery is a tool to be able to
field effects where we actually use the patient’s own tissues from a distant
area from the defect and we are able to bring these tissues with their vessels
into the defect and by revascularizing these tissues they are able to come back to
life and are able to recreate what was missing we also are able to offer the
patient the very recent development of what we call supramicrosurgery that
are dedicated to vascularized nerve transfer for facial palsy and also for
lymphatic reconstruction and for breast we are offering all the autologous type
of reconstruction not only the well-known DIEP that you take on the
abdomen but also all the other donor sites according once again to what is
the most favorable donor site for the patient according to her physiognomy. The
main reason a patient is going to choose UCSD over another institution is that we
are working by and with a team spirit which is the most
important thing to do when you treat cancer you need a multidisciplinary
approach you need physicians that are excellent into their field and then
probably the most difficult part is actually to make these talents work
together and that is definitely also a very good reason why I’m happy to work

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