Meet Evan Peterson, PA-C | UnityPoint Clinic® Family Medicine | Urgent Care – Southglen

I do family medicine. I see all kinds of patients so all age ranges Pediatric up to the oldest age, geriatrics. Generally well exams, physical exams, sports physicals, Just regular check-ins, make sure people are doing well with their blood pressure, diabetes. I like to be very straightforward and open with people, transparent. Hopefully have a little humor with that, too – just light-hearted Just so we have a good time And we also make sure that people are well taken care of and that they’re listened to and care for. So some of my favorite hobbies would be drawing. I like to do art work, some painting– and getting better at that –and volleyball, racquetball, They’re like it might block the shot a bit. An ideal weekend would be out on the lake Probably jet skiing, tubing, some Fishing possibly just kind of taking it easy and having a good time. As I was in college I did a little volunteering work at the hospital and then I worked as a Home health aide for a quadriplegic there and really kind of inspired me to want to help more people seeing. Complex patients, the ones that have some real difficulties, and they have had continual difficulties They just inspire me didn’t want to learn to keep studying and practice harder.

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