Meet Erica Heagy, Nurse Practitioner with The Oregon Clinic

My name is Erica Heagy, and I’m a nurse
practitioner with The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology – East. I went to undergraduate at Oregon State
University “Go Beavs!” and graduate school at
University of San Francisco. Their I received my Master’s of Science in
Nursing and it was a dual program, so it became a
family nurse practitioner and a clinical nurse specialist, in addition
to receiving my public health degree. So my areas of focus… I do see general GI, so I’ll see reflux, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, rectal bleeding… but I must admit my passion is with
inflammatory bowel disease. I’ve been honored to be part of our sub
specialty clinic here on the east side with inflammatory bowel disease and has been so rewarding and I’m very
passionate about it. So my hobbies and interests are anything
active and anything outside. I was an athlete in high school and
college so that has transpired in to my adulthood. I am a three-time Iron Man finisher and
triathlon is very exciting for my husband and I. We hold
it close to our hearts. So something that’s surprising for some
is I was actually born in North Pole, Alaska and yes Santa does have a house there. It’s a suburb Fairbanks, Alaska. My
father was in the Air Force and that’s what took us to Alaska. And then we eventually moved to Anchorage and
that’s where I was born and raised. So what is there not to like about
living in Portland. I love that I can go running on the waterfront with my girlfriends and that it’s packed with other runners. In an hour and a half you’re at the coast and
an hour and a half the other direction your in the mountains. It’s so green. My husband and I are very happy
here in Portland. So car person or bike person…this is actually a
difficult question. I am a cyclist. I enjoy biking for races but then also just for touring
around. At the moment I’m on a little bit of a modified biking
plan, since I’m gonna be delivering a baby in two and a half months. But when
it comes to commuting actually needing to get somewhere, due to proximity I am a
car person.

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