Meet Dr. Zackery Nance, Podiatrist

I’m Zack Nance. I’m a podiatrist with The
Oregon Clinic, and my office is at the Providence Portland Medical Plaza. With my specialty, care ranges from
something as small as ingrown toenails to routine foot care, to foot fractures,
foot reconstructions, and ankle fractures. My care philosophy would include
trying to find a treatment for the patient that they’re going to be
agreeable with and be able to complete. I find people do a lot better if they’re
on board with the treatment program and understand why that’s the treatment
program I recommend for them. I had kind of a different path as far as becoming a
medical provider. I actually started out as a police officer. That wasn’t for me.
I started looking into the medical field and after a long student career I’ve been
very happy and have no regrets. Everybody has foot problems at one time
or another. It’s pretty difficult to get around when your foot’s hurting you and
it’s always nice to see people coming in and then leave feeling better
that they’re gonna actually be able to get back to doing what they were wanting to do. I’d say my hobbies would include golfing–I love golfing. Anything outdoors and active. I love going to the coast with my family, going on hikes. All the beer fests are lot of fun to go to;
seeing the people out and trying the different brews that they have out here in
the Northwest, I’d say it’s probably my favorite thing so far about the Northwest.

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