Meet Dr. Troy Simmons, Podiatrist

I am Dr. Troy Simmons. I am a podiatrist at The Oregon Clinic. Well, our specialty is podiatry. It’s foot and ankle.
And is treating anybody from just a simple ingrown toenail all the way to
ankle fractures and injuries of the foot and ankle, to someone who has a deformity of their foot
and we also take care of patients who are diabetic. My care philosophy is getting the patient engaged and having them understand what their
ailments are, what their problems are, and what they need to do to fix them and
what lifestyle changes they may need to do in order to be able to change
their problem. And helping guide them through these rough times and get them to
that reward at the end where they can get back to a near-normal performance
or activities that they want to do in their life. I just love being up here in
the Northwest where I can do so much outdoors and it doesn’t take very long
to get somewhere unique and different every time. And I think is a great
place to raise children and and get them involved with the world out here.

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