Meet Dr. Tim Bowling, General Surgeon – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Tim Bowling, MD, FACS Get to know Dr. Bowling and why he chose general surgery – My name’s Tim Bowling. I’m a general surgeon here
in Frankfurt, Kentucky. I went to college at the
University of Kentucky and then followed up at medical school at the University of Kentucky. I did four years of medical
school there and then went to the University of Louisville
for my surgery residency. Well, when I was a young
kid I felt like I probably wanted to do general practitioner stuff. But when I got to medical
school and started actually going through
the different kinds of rotations that you see in medical
school, delivering babies, pediatric services, surgical services, I just fell in love with
surgery the minute I walked into the operating room. I think I was captivated
by surgery because I could tell that you could immediately fix a problem with an operation. Patients that have chronic
illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, you have to take a pill for
that for the rest of your life. But with surgery, I can cure
that problem immediately. We can have you in the
operating room, fix the problem, and you’re better 30 minutes later. That’s what drew me to surgery. My care philosophy is
to treat the patient, take care of the patient,
listen to the patient. Talk with them about their
needs, their concerns, and come up with a treatment plan that we can go forward with together. Sometimes surgery’s not the
best option for a patient, and you’ve got to be willing
and able to understand when that is the fact and
discuss that with the patient. It might not always
make the patient happy, but you want to do what’s
right for the patient. Now we do lots of different
types of procedures as general surgeons. In a given day, I may do
eight or nine operations and every single operation
will be a different operation. I can start the day out by
taking out a breast cancer, doing a lumpectomy procedure on a patient with breast cancer, for instance. Follow that with placing a
dialysis catheter for a patient that needs to start dialysis. Then fix a hernia after that, take out a gall bladder after that. So the days definitely don’t get boring, and that’s one of the things
that I like most about surgery. I can go through a whole day and not do the same procedure twice. But I really do like to
do laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is what we call minimally invasive surgery. It’s surgery through small incisions. And so used to if we were gonna take out a gall
bladder, for instance, we had to make a 12-inch incision and the patient had to be in the hospital for two or three days. Now we can take out that gall
bladder through three or four small incisions about the
size of pencil erasers and it’s a 30-minute stay in the hospital. It’s very rewarding for me
to be able to take a patient to the operating room, do a massive operation
through very small incisions, and have that patient
get back up on their feet within a day or two. The first time I remember
actually scrubbing in to an operation was as a fresh intern in my first year of residency at the University of Louisville. A guy had gotten shot in the abdomen and he had multiple
internal abdominal injuries. That operation took five hours, but we were able to put
everything back together again, and that one will stick with
me for the rest of my life. So as a general surgeon we
don’t have a lot of spare time, but when we do get it,
we take advantage of it. I’ve got a wonderful wife and two kids, and I spend a lot of time with my family. We like to watch movies. My kids love to fish, so we’ll fish a lot. My kids like to go play golf. Those are some of the kinds
of things we do when I’m not here at the hospital. Want more information?

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