Meet Dr. Susan Oakley – Urogynecologist at St. Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Oakley, Urogynecologist
with St. Elizabeth. So, I am just a southern girl who was born
in Memphis, Tennessee. My father was an Army surgeon, and we ended
up in North Carolina, and I ended up going to school at UNC Chapel Hill. Go Tar Heels! After college, I did some mission work in
Africa, and during that time I realized, “Hey, I really wanted to be a physician.” And I wanted to be the kind of doctor that
helped women. There’s a special medical school through
Columbia University in New York City where they take 50 students and send you to the
Middle East. That way you can train to be the type of doctor
who could work under any condition, anywhere in the world. So, I went to the Middle East and did that
training for four years. During that time, I was blessed to work in
Kenya and Ethiopia and then come back to the United States for more training. My specialty is called urogynecology, which
is the short term for female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. Within that specialty, we’re helping women
who have pelvic floor disorders. It takes a lot of courage and bravery for
our women to come forward and not only make that appointment to see us for their pelvic
floor disorder, but to really be candid with us. They know that they are being taken care of
inside and out, top to bottom, and that we are with them every step of the way. The women of Northern Kentucky definitely
need urogynecology services, and I feel really proud to be part of St. Elizabeth Physicians.

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