Meet Dr. Steven Seung, Radiation Oncologist

My name is Dr. Steven Seung. I’m a Radiation
Oncologist with The Oregon Clinic. I work at Providence Cancer Center and serve as the
Medical Director of the Gamma Knife Center of Oregon. As a Radiation Oncologist, I treat
cancers with radiation, and I specialize in the brain, head and neck cancers, and lung cancers. The word “doctor” means a teacher, so I believe my job is to inform the patient
the best I can, so that they can make the best decision, and we work as a team, we come
to a mutual understanding on what their goals are, and hopefully have a good outcome. I love my specialty because it is intellectually challenging, and it is constantly changing.
Just as computers are upgraded every few years, our technology gets upgraded, so we have to
educate ourselves and keep us up to date. And also, the best part of my job is the interaction
I have with my patients. I have a list of patients for whom I actually pray for, and
I think about special ones frequently. If I weren’t a doctor, I think I would become a chef
because I love to cook, more importanly I love to eat. Outside of the office, I’m
active with my family, with my wife and kids, I’m active at my church, and I’m busy training
my three-year-old German shepherd to be a better dog. I consider Portland a nice big-little
city. It’s diverse; it has a lot of things to offer, and I love the weather, believe
it or not. I hate extreme cold, I hate humidity, so Portland is perfect for me.

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