Meet Dr. Stephen Bader, Radiation Oncologist

My name is Steven Bader I am a
physician in Radiation Oncology with the Oregon Clinic, practicing here at the Providence Medical Center and at the Clackamas Radiation Oncology Center. I went into radiation oncology because I had an interest in oncology and I had several colleagues who were going into the field and got me interested in the field and
really spoke to me as far as to approach the
patient and having to coordinate a lot of other physicians in the care – sort of a team-oriented approach. In Radiation Oncology we see a broad
spectrum of patients with malignancies, but my particular area of focus is cancers of the central nervous system or brain
tumors, prostate cancer, we all treat lung cancer and I also have a
particular interest in breast cancer and head and neck cancer as well. My treatment philosophy is that of
educating the patient and the family about their illness, what the role of radiation therapy is in
the treatment of their malignancy, what to expect and hopefully step them through how my
team is going to help them through this process and what to expect going forward. So
really education is my treatment philosophy. I did
my college in medical school training at the University of Washington and then went back to Boston for my
medical training and that’s when I got into this field. When my colleague who hired me came out
looking for someone interested in coming back to the northwest I immediately rose my hand and met with him actually came out here and interviewed in
August and there’s no better place in this country then Portland in August. So I was enthralled by the place and the opportunity and it’s been a great ride ever since.

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