Meet Dr. Stephanie Miller, Breast Cancer Surgeon, Rose Medical Center

(mellow piano music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Stephanie Miller, board certified surgeon
specializing in breast surgery. I have additional training
in hidden scar techniques and oncoplastic surgery. I have the privilege of offering you state of the art surgical techniques, as well as access to
groundbreaking studies, where we can offer you
nipple sparing mastectomies to breast conservation with our inter-operative radiation trial. I have been at Rose for nearly 20 years as part of the breast
multidisciplinary team, where we have one of the oldest
multidisciplinary programs in the state of Colorado. I have the privilege of
working with some of the best medical oncologists,
radiologists, pathologists, plastic surgeons and radiation
oncologists in our field. With our nurse navigation
we work to make this process as effortless and comfortable
for you as possible. Together as a team, we’re
devoted to taking care of you. At Rose, we put you and
your treatment first, where we believe personalized
is paramount to your success. I invite you to come meet me and the other members of our team, so we can help you navigate
through your treatment to a successful recovery. (mellow piano music)

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