Meet Dr. Samuel Bartholomew, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

My name is Dr. Sam Bartholomew. I’m a plastic
and reconstructive surgeon with The Oregon Clinic. I have offices at Providence Portland Medical Center and Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. As a plastic surgeon, I specialize
in reconstructive surgery, surgery of the hand, and aesthetic surgery. I operate from head to
toe and help patients with different problems which can be related to cancer, injuries,
and other problems. My care philosophy is to treat patients how I’d like to be treated. And in particular, I care for them as if I were caring for a family member. The Oregon Clinic has an incredible group of specialist physicians, many of whom I collaborate with in the care
of patients in particular with complex medical problems and I think that allows us to take better care of patients. The most rewarding part of my job is to help patients get back to leading normal, healthy, and productive lives. My most memorable patient is a woman
who had extensive wounds in her legs and who had been recommended to have amputations of
both those legs and through two surgeries and lots of care in the hospital, I was able
to help her keep her legs and she’s back walking and is back home.

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