Meet Dr. Robert Oakes, Bryan Heart Cardiothoracic Surgeon

[MUSIC PLAYING] I’m Dr. Robert Oakes and
I’m from Yuma, Arizona. Cardiothoracic surgery is
pretty all-encompassing. This was the area that was
always the most interesting, the most engaging, that you
could really change a person’s life with what you can do. I think that it kind of
grew on me over my last year of medical school at Harvard. Being around people that
have done great things and realizing that they
are normal people like you, and sort of understanding
from where they began, to what they accomplished. And I think a lot of it
is they’re passionate. And a lot of it is
their engagement in what they’re doing. Being known for heart also
involves sharing our expertise. Once a year, we go to
Rwanda in February, and we spend two
weeks there, and do heart surgery on
patients who otherwise wouldn’t have any access to
your cardiothoracic surgery. These patients are young. They’re 14, 15, 16 years old. It could change
their whole life. After finishing
training, my family and I looked all over the country,
from coast to coast, from top to bottom, and
we really love Lincoln. We love the college atmosphere. We love the size
of the community. We love the involvement
and excellence in cardiothoracic surgery
and cardiology that was here. It was just a great
fit all around. It’s nice to have a
couple little things on the outside to enjoy,
mostly running and spending time with my family. Cardiothoracic surgery
is always changing. Every year there’s something
new or something different. You never want to stand still. You never want to rest
on what you’re doing now. So it’s wonderful to be
part of something that’s always trying to be better. I think a lot of
the new development is going towards minimally
invasive surgery. I think we’re able to
do the same high quality surgery with smaller
incisions, with less time on heart-lung bypass, with
better heart valves that lasts longer, that perform better. All these things are great
advancements for our field. I’m proud that I’m
part of a group that I think does excellent
work in cardiothoracic surgery, and we take great care patients. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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