Meet Dr. Rhett Cummings, Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician

Hello, my name is Rhett Cummings and I am a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at The Oregon Clinic. My undegraduate training was in engineering at Oklahoma State University, obviously in Oklahoma. My medical school training was at the University of Oklahoma, and from there moved to Baltimore, Maryland to do internship and residency at the University of Maryland, and then finishing in Baltimore for fellowship for Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at John’s Hopkins University. There’s a very wide spectrum of pulmonary disease. And my specialty within that spectrum is pulmonary arterial hypertension. That’s a disease process that causes high blood pressure in the lungs. By far the most rewarding part of the job is the connection that I get to have– the very personal connection that I get to have with patients and their families. In the clinic it’s longitudinal, and we get to know each other over a long period of time. In the hospital, it’s usually in the acute setting and the connection is with families moreso than with the patient, and that occurs in the ICU. If I wasn’t a doctor, I’m pretty sure that I would be in the arts or something in manual labor it’s not a part of the brain that we get to exercise much as physicians, and I feel like that’s kind of missing in my life now. I enjoy all forms of exercise I attempt at running, I do some cycling, skiing, a lot of camping, a lot of backpacking. And I spend a lot of time with my elementary aged schoolchildren. I help coach baseball and basketball, and there are a lot of school activites that are going on all the time. I prefer the mountains. The coast is a little chilly here. I love it, but it’s a little chilly. The mountains provide everything summer and winter. There’s a special place near Parkdale, Oregon that we spend some time at, both during the summer and the winter, and it’s very near the mountains for skiing and sledding, it’s very near the water for kayaking.

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