Meet Dr. Pius Wei, Neurologist

My name is Pius Wei. I’m a neurologist at The Oregon Clinic. I’m a general neurologist and I will
specialize in services such as EMGs, nerve conduction studies, and also
reading of EEGs as well. My care philosophy is to work with
the patients one-on-one, come up with a plan together and listen to their symptoms and how they affect their daily lives. Neurology is a great specialty for people
who like to solve puzzles and having the ability to see a person and examine a person and come up with different diagnoses
is great–is a great way to be a doctor in a great way to be in a Neurologist. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the results of the plan that I come up with with my patients
and the work that we do together towards solving their issues
and towards bettering their lives I like to travel, I like to eat, and I
love spending time with my young family.

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