Meet Dr. Phillip Kiyasu, Gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic

I’m Phil Kiyasu, I’m one of the gastroenterologists with The Oregon Clinic Gastroenterology – East. Well my father was a physician, as was his father, so my grandfather, as well
as my uncle. So going into medicine, well it wasn’t
quite like joining the family business, but
honestly, I i grew up always wanting to do what my dad did. With all the advances in medicine, especially since my father and
grandfathers time and particularly in gastroenterology where we do
depend on a number of technologies, I think the most rewarding part of being a physician for me that is
probably the same things that gratified my grandfather and father. At the end of the day it’s about caring for other people. So the
privilege to be able to care for other human beings and hopefully makes an impact is really what makes it for me. As I look back to over the years at some of my interests and hobbies whether it’s being a ardent 49ers fan, or tinkering with cars, or the most recent
thing is tinkering with pinball machines, I think it’s very
important have passion, and whether that’s passion for what you
do every day, I think it’s also very important
have some passion outside work. That’s really what I think keeps you
engaged. Having been here for a little over
20 years now my wife and I often talk about this, I don’t think there are many other areas
in the country that have a combination of spectacular natural beauty and an urban setting that’s big enough to have some cultural
offerings like great food and great music, and yet be small enough that those
things are pretty easily accessible. It’s really a special place. I’m a big Springsteen fan, a big Dave Matthews fan… but don’t tell anyone.

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