Meet Dr. Peder Horner, Interventional Oncology, Rose Medical Center

(electronic music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Peder Horner. I provide interventional oncology services here at Rose Medical Center. I’ve been here eight years, and I’m very proud of the
program that we’ve built here. One of the unique things about
interventional radiology is that we can often see a
patient from the very beginning of their diagnosis, say for a biopsy. And then later on maybe a patient may need a port placed for chemotherapy. And then also more advanced
treatments that are minimally invasive and image guided. Something like an ablation
of a kidney or a liver tumor. Chemoembolization of a liver tumor or maybe even radioembolization
with Ittrium 90 treatment that we’ve started here at Rose. My care philosophy is
to treat our patients with care and compassion
from the initial encounter through their treatment and
at the end and follow-up. (electronic music)

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