Meet Dr. Paul Rivas Of Rivas Medical Weight Loss Clinic

I’m Dr. Paul Rivas I’m the owner and
medical director of the Rivas medical loss program after 25 years of doing,
this 100,000 patients, writing five books on medical obesity I’m now totally
convinced that this is not a willpower or character flaw issue but it’s a chronic
medical condition has a strong genetic basis it’s very much controlled
by the brain and medications are necessary just like they are in any
chronic medical illness the medications work by literally fooling your brain
and the thinking you should lose weight so if you’ve been told that this is a
willpower or a character fault problem we’re the place for you because we’re not
going to tell you that, we don’t think that we believe this as a strictly a
medical condition we use a variety of medications and all kinds of
combinations we’re the only program in Maryland that does that we know what to
use when to use it they’re all FDA approved, very safe very effective so if you’ve had a weight issue that you that you haven’t been able to beat with diet and exercise we welcome you in and we hope you join us here we’re not judgmental
we’re not critical, we’re easy to deal with

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