Meet Dr. Paul Hansen, Liver & Pancreas Surgeon at The Oregon Clinic

My name is Paul Hansen, I’m a Liver & Pancreas Surgeon at The Oregon Clinic. I do primarily liver and pancreas
surgery and I also have an area focus in minimally
invasive laparoscopic surgery. My primary interest is been research and
education and I’ve run the surgical training program
for Liver & Pancreas Surgery here for about the last fifteen years. I think primarily about how I would want
to be treated or to have one of my family members treated. I want to make sure that the
patients are comfortable and understand the decisions that are being made and
they feel like they’re part of that decision. It was really the intensity of the specialty. For patients being told they’ve got a
liver or pancreas cancer and that they need to undergo a major surgery is probably the biggest thing that’s ever happened to them and it’s a challenge to to do it well and to
make sure that the patients feel that they’re being well-cared for. I enjoy both metal work and
wood work. Ireally enjoy conceiving of a project and creating something out of nothing. I came
hear to train for a year and my wife and I fell in love with the
city and we stayed, and have have never conceived of leaving. I love both the mountains and the coast and probably one of my favorite experiences in Portland is the Hood to Coast race which
is a relay race from Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood to the seaside. It’s really
six people living in a van for about 24 hours and it’s intense it’s a bit stressful, it’s tiring
there’s phenomenonal amount of camaraderie. It’s hard, you’re putting a lot of work into it, and it’s just one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have here in Portland.

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