Meet Dr. Michael Phillips, Gastroenterologist with The Oregon Clinic

My name is Mike Phillips and I’m a
gastroenterologist at The Oregon Clinic. My area of focus is in advanced endoscopy and
endoscopic ultrasound. When I came to Oregon 22 years ago, I was the first person in Oregon to do endoscopic ultrasound, so it was an
early passion that continued here at The Oregon Clinic. Well I grew up here in Portland and both
my parents were educators, and my father worked at the Oregon Health
Sciences University, and he was surrounded by a lot of physicians, so I
grew up seeing a lot of physicians, interacting
with them, seeing what their careers and their lifestyles were like and I thought, yeah, I think these are the kinds of people I Iike, and I wanted to be a physician
based on that early experience with other physicians. You know being a physician really is a
unique profession, and it allows you to get to
know a person and their story and I’m always continually amazed by the invitation into a person’s
life by being their physician, getting to know them and their story and seeing people with amazing depth of compassion and the human spirit, and
that’s really a rewarding part of being a physician. If I wasn’t a physician, I would probably be a farmer. I had a lot of friends who were farmers when I was at Oregon State University,
and I got to go out and visit their homes and their
farms and there is just something about their
lifestyle, Maybe I’ve romanticized it, but I love to garden, and I think I’d be a farmer if Iwasn’t a physician. Tending to plants instead of people I
guess. Outside of being a physician, and I spend a lot of time in the garden. My wife and I have a really beautiful
yard and I think we have a little bit of zonal denial, we’re always trying to grow things that shouldn’t be grown in Portland. In part of the yard I have beehives, we have four beehives and
that keeps me very busy and on my toes. Doing some outdoor activities. I’m
really interested in riding the back roads of Oregon. There’s a bike trail that goes from the California border up to Oregon/Washington border that’s about 365 miles, and it’s on my list of things to do, to ride the back roads, the dirt roads, from the Southern Oregon border to Washington. Yeah, of course, doesn’t
everybody? My favorite bridge is the Steel Bridge.
I grew up here and I’ve always admired the Steel Bridge. It’s unique. You can drive across it, walk across it, bike across it, take a streetcar across it, and it’s the only
double cantilevered bridge in the world I as best I know, so take that Marquam Bridge!

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