Meet Dr. Michael Flaming, Ear, Nose & Throat Physician at The Oregon Clinic

My name is Michael Flaming and I work at the Plaza division of the Ear, Nose &Throat
Department for The Oregon Clinic. Well I like all areas of otolaryngology, but specifically my
particular interest is in thyroid and parathyroid disease because of my own
personal experience with that. As a resident, I diagnosed my own thyroid
cancer and as I went through the surgery and
subsequent treatment it just became a focus of my practice from that point forward.
To always involve the patient in all the
information, the discussion, the decision-making, to do what’s necessary – but not to over
treat – but definitely not to undertreat. The thing
I enjoy most about medicine is actually teaching. I spend every day teaching patients
about their anatomy and about their diseases and help guide them along the path to figure a way to make the particular situations better.
Outside the office I maintain a fairly active
lifestyle, my wife makes me run, so I get involved in
running activities – Hood to Coast – but I also have played hockey for the
last 20 years and usually play once or at least twice a
week and have been wind surfing and recently taken up kite-boarding. I am definitely not an internal
combustion engine person so biking, sailing snowboarding, anyway – I drive
an electric car – I just don’t like internal combustion
engines. Everything. Except the rain. It’s the most beautiful place on earth, it has the most temperate climate, it has wind surfing, it has the beach, it has the
mountains, there’s just everything about it is wonderful.

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