Meet Dr. Micah Jones – LewisGale Medical Center

(inspirational music) – My name is Micah Jones. I am a orthopedic surgeon
at LewisGale Hospital. I subspecialize in adult
hand and upper extremity, as well as I do all the pediatric hand and upper extremity for the hospital and the surrounding areas. So I’m an osteopathic physician, so that means I went to an
osteopathic medical school. There’s one in Blacksburg
that’s very close to here, so most people are familiar with that. It’s just different in the fact that when you’re a D.O.,
you’re taught to see the whole person as an
entity from head to toe, so I don’t just focus on a diagnosis, I try to really visualize the
patient as a whole person, whether that be whether they’re
coming in for carpal tunnel or shoulder pain or finger injury, I see the person as a global person and as a whole person, not just an injury, so that’s really part of the training. And then in addition to
that, osteopathic physicians are taught to do manipulative
medicine as well. And so even though I
don’t do that very often, I still have the ability
to do that in addition. After my medical school training, I then did a residency in orthopedics at Michigan State Hospital in Detroit, and that was a five
year residency program. And then after that I went on
to two separate fellowships. One was in adult hand and upper extremity in Louisville, Kentucky, and that was with a very well known hand fellowship called the Kleinert Kutz Institute. And after that, I have a passion and heart for pediatric upper extremity as well, so I went on to do a second fellowship in children’s pediatric upper extremity and hand at Cincinnati
Children’s Hospital. As a sub-specialized surgeon,
I had many opportunities to go to Level 1 Trauma Centers
and larger institutions, but the thing I liked most about LewisGale was the small town feel
and the community feel to the hospital. I love my partners, we have
a family type environment in the office, and we really do get along, and I feel like we really
treat the patient like family. I feel that’s something
I hear about LewisGale quite consistently from
my patients as well, as they go to cross town
hospitals and other institutions that are larger, but
commonly my patients say that they prefer LewisGale
because of the way that the patient is treated, like family, like they’re an individual
and a human being, not just a number. And that’s something that
I wanted in an institution that I work for. I grew up in a large
town, Denver, Colorado. So one of the things I
really like about LewisGale as well as this area
is the small town feel. I feel like I have everything I need from a livable situation with
my family and my children and my wife, but I like the community feel to the area, I really
love how occasionally I’ll see my patient in the grocery store or in the community and
they’ll say hi to me. I love that about my job,
because it feels like I’m a part of a community
and a part of a family that I don’t feel like I would get if I was part of a larger area.

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