Meet Dr. Matt Solhjem, Radiation Oncologist

My name is Matt Solhjem, I’m a radiation
oncologist at The Oregon Clinic. I did my undergraduate studies in
Minneapolis at the University of Minnesota and after that I trained in radiation
oncology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I knew kind of early on – in fact in high school that Iwanted to do
cancer medicine and that was in part due to friend that had
cancer during high school and going through that with him so I had
a real strong interest in oncology. Probably a couple in different things:
one is to tell patients that they’re cured of cancer and that’s a nice thing to do usually
years out from their treatment without any sign of recurrence, but we also
help people who are having symptoms even at the end of life and if you can make
their quality of life better that’s very rewarding. That’s a tough one. Maybe a photographer. I also am really into sailing so professional sailor would be great. Bucket list:a lot of world travel and sailing would be part of that as well. So sailing
around the world would probably be number one. Mainly a bike person although I do drive to work now, I used to bike to work – we have a Clackamas office and it was a refreshing 45 minute bike ride every morning.

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