Meet Dr. Mark Whiteford, Colon & Rectal Surgeon at The Oregon Clinic

Hi I’m Dr. Mark Whiteford, I’m the Director
of Colorectal Surgery here at The Oregon Clinic. I’m a colon and rectal surgeon and what I do is I operate on diseases of the colon and rectum. In general, there’s three broad
categories. We do a lot of abdominal surgery which involves resection or
removal of diseased organs. Colon cancer, diverticulitis, rectal cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease. We also take care of
anorectal disorders – hemorrhoids, anal fissures – and then lastly we perform
endoscopy services for screening of colon cancer and therapeutic endoscopy
for removal of large polyps. My treatment philosophy is two-fold. First of all, I really like to listen to the patient to learn about their disease process, how
it’s affecting them and also learn about their values and how we can work
together to create a treatment plan that’s individualized to each patient. I’m also passionate about minimally invasive surgery as well as organ sparing or sphincter sparing surgery. That includes minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery We’ll do operations to remove one to two
foot – up to four foot – long sections of the bowel all through minimally invasive, laparoscopic surgery
with tiny incisions. So big operations with small scars. My interests out side of the hospital
mostly includes spending time with my wife and kids. I love spending time outdoors and cycling and I spend a lot of time in the spring coaching youth Lacross in the Portland area.

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