Meet Dr. Maria Gallo

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Maria Gallo and
I’m the 13th president of Delaware Valley University. I’m mostly excited about helping students reach their full potential,
whether they’re traditional or non-traditional students
and doing that by building on the University’s
community’s continued value of teaching excellence
and student success. DelVal’s programs are very relevant to real world problems
today and students can study in program areas like
sustainable food production, environmental conservation,
small and large animal sciences, psychology, education, business,
government, social policy. So it not only gives them the
tools to go out into the world but to be leaders in those fields and solve some real world problems. There are so many things
about Dr. Krauskopf that inspire me. He was truly a visionary
and a man ahead of his time. He talked about issues like
child welfare, poverty, equal rights, civil rights,
and he was not afraid to speak out on these issues and he had very, very large impacts in the
community and in the nation. At DelVal, students are not a number, they’re treated as unique individuals and they get the kind of
mentorship with passionate faculty and their peers, working
hands-on in the classroom, in the field or in the laboratory. So when they go out into the workforce, they definitely have an advantage. Based on our founder, Rabbi Krauskopf, he believed in respecting all people, sharing ideas, and hands-on experience, and these are the foundational principles that we work with today. And as we have expanded from
a college to a university, we’re going to increase the
breadth of opportunities and graduate schools for
international students and I just see a very bright
future for us here at DelVal. (upbeat music)

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  1. Dr Maria Gallo, congratulations!! You are highly inspiring and I wish you the best. May God bless you. Eastonce Gwata

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