Meet Dr. Marc Jacobs, Pulmonary & Critical Care Physician

I’m Marc Jacobs. I work at The Oregon Clinic,
Gateway Office n the division of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine. On the out patient setting, I provide
a wide range of services for patients who have chronic pulmonary
diseases – acute and chronic pulmonary diseases, and when we work in the hospital, I see patients
with acute pulmonary problems as well as I take care of patients in the intensive care unit. I think the most important thing is being able to involve the patients and their families
in their decisions, making sure they understand as best as they can what’s
going on, what their options for treatment or no treatment may be, and helping them with
their decisions so that they can have the best quality of life and the best chance for
improvement that we can provide them. I don’t think there’s any one patient that stands
out. I think the people that I think about the most over my practice are the ones that
I’ve helped both them and their family get through a difficult time, and it isn’t always
in the end a successful process, but just to help them and their family to understand
what’s going on and try to support them as best I can, I think those are the situations
that I remember the most. I like to cycle, road bike, I do like photography when I
have a chance, I like to travel, go to new places or places I’ve never been before, trying new
foods, spending time with family.

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