Meet Dr. Lou Libby, Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine Physician

I’m Lou Libby. I’m a Pulmonary and Critical Care Physican, and I work in the Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Division of The Oregon Clinic at our Gateway office. Well, the short answer to why I became a physician is because I could not hit a curve ball. I really was a baseball nut as a kid, and I wasn’t terribly good. I was okay for high school sports, and that was about it, but I couldn’t hit a curve ball so I had to do something else and medicine seemed like a good fit. The most rewarding part of being a physician, for me, is the privilege of being allowed to enter a person’s life and see their inner most fears, and victories and defeats and to have someone open up to me so totally and allow me to help them in any way I can. Well, if I wasn’t a doctor, thinking back, you know I was a sports nut as a kid, and my mother thought I should be a gym teacher and that I’d be good at that, and my father thought I ought to be a psychiatrist, and that I’d be good at that and actually I was a psychology major in college and that did lead to medicine, but I decided that psychiatry was to limiting for me and not active enough for me, so it led to what I’m in. So the bottom line, I think I’d be in something in sports, probably a teacher or an administrator or something in the sports field. Outside of the office, probably my favorite thing to do is spend time with my wife and my family. My wife and I are very active, doing a lot of things, traveling and hiking and going to the beach are among the favorites. We also have a puppy who is coming in a few weeks, and we love dogs, we’ve had many dogs, and I’m looking forward to spending time with a puppy and my wife. Outside of that, I love hiking, I love biking, golf, tennis, other sports activities, just going to the gym, all of those things are what keeps me going. The things I’d love to do more of but don’t really have the time is reading and movies. My favorite sports team in Portland is the Blazers. It’s probably because I came here thirty years ago and really there was no other sports team. And my fondest memories of the Blazers and probably how I bonded with them was early on, my sons were two and four and they were little sports nuts, too, and I’d take them to the game. The two year old could sit on my lap and the four year old would sit in the other seat that we got, and eventually we became part owners of season tickets in the old Memorial stadium, but that’s sort of passed, but we still go to a few games every year, so I love the Blazers. Coast or mountains: always a controversial question in Portland. I love them both. Thirty years ago when we first came here, I was definitely more of a mountain person, we did a lot of hiking, we did a lot of skiing, going to Sun River with the family, all those activities. Loved all that. But as we got older, we found that we don’t tolerate the cold as well. We don’t tolerate the skiing as well. And we love the coast and the quiet at the coast, and we now bought a second home at the coast and spend a lot of time there, so now I’m a coast person, used to be a mountain person.

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