Meet Dr. Kristina Young, Radiation Oncologist

My name is Kristina Young. I’m a radiation
oncologist with The Oregon Clinic. As a radiation oncologist, I help with patients who are dealing with cancer by providing them radiation treatment as part of their care. I believe in treating patients and their families as they’re dealing with cancer in a part of a multi-disciplinary
team that includes medical oncologists, surgeons, as well as the radiation oncologists and ancillary care staff. I believe The Oregon Clinic is a very unique clinic in that they’ve allowed me to work in both patient care as a radiation oncologist but also to have a laboratory where
I can utilize my research skills to help develop new treatments for patients dealing with cancer. I became a radiation oncologist because my best friend’s mother passed away from breast
cancer when I was a teenager and it deeply affected me. I felt that I wanted to help
patients who were dealing with cancer so that I never felt helpless again, and now
I feel like I’m empowered to help patients and their families deal with these difficult
decisions as they deal with cancer. I enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest. I’m a very
active gardener and hiker. In addition, I recently started boxing and I’ve enjoyed that
tremendously as well. I really love how Portland is so close to all forms of nature. I enjoy going out to the Gorge. I like going up to Mt. Hood, and I enjoy being able to get to the coast,
all within an hour’s time.

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