Meet Dr. Kristi Kiyonaga, MD, a pediatrician with The Everett Clinic.

My name’s Kristi Kiyonaga and
I’m a pediatrician at The Mill Creek Clinic. Pediatrics was a natural choice for me.The thing that I
enjoy most about pediatrics and I love doing
most in terms of interacting with other people is teaching and I find that there is
so much opportunity in pediatrics to work with both the
parent and young infants and children and adolescents
and there’s so much opportunity, on so many different
levels, to do teaching. My patient are always changing and evolving and something that really
inspires me as a provider is to watch and to nurture the relationship between
an infant or an adolescent and their parents. I don’t think that
there’s ever one correct answer to a situation or to a medical problem or difficulty. I really enjoy it when my patients
and my parents come to me and we have a discussion of the different ways to treat an upper respiratory infection, the
different ways to approach different behavior problems, different ways to
approach a toddler who’s toilet
training and so I would love for my patients to
come to me with multiple ideas of works for them
as a family. The motto of The Everett Clinic is: do what is right for each patient. And that is something I believe in
wholeheartedly. I don’t think there’s a better way to
practice medicine. And to treat every single individual
patient and their family and to do what’s right for them. And what’s right for them might be different than what’s right for another patient and so it’s really
fun for me to try and figure out with my unique
individual families and patients what is the right way, what is the best
way to help you.

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